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Joel  &  Shelley Jameson


Jameson Vocal studio would like to help you strive to achieve your highest potential in becoming
the singing artist you are meant to be. We want to provide you with a strong and solid vocal technique
through a positive and supportive approach, that can sustain your voice through your entire career.
We are comfortable training voices that are at all levels of development. Although we specialize in the
training of the emerging operatic artist through the bel canto tradition of singing, we are also highly trained in vocal rehabilitation and are comfortable teaching all levels of singers in all musical styles.
Come join our studio and learn how you can full achieve you vocal potential.


Here at Jameson Vocal Studio, we want to help you attain excellence in holistic artistry, shaping you to become the essence of a whole performer; from vocal technique, to acting, image, branding, and health.



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Whether you're an aspiring male or female artist, both Joel and Shelley have qualities you will need to take your singing career to the next level. With over 15 years of performance experience, and another 15 years of teaching / directing experience, Jameson Vocal Studios provides every necessity a singer will need to emerge successful into the professional field!



The  Wonderful  &  Confusing  World  of  Breath  Management!

" Breath. I refer to this most important subject as Breath Management. It encompasses
everything to do with inhalation and exhalation. Personally I found this to be the most
frustrating and bewildering part of mastering the skills needed to sing well. This is a
subject that I need to talk about in numerous posts so I will just talk about one issue at a
time. I am a down and outer. What does that mean? It means that when you inhale you
literally feel.... "

                                                                         -  Joel